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Andrea Bell

Andrea lives in the East of England with her husband, two teenage boys and menagerie of animals. She is 48 years old and works as VCSE Optimisation Lead in the NHS. In 2007, soon after her diagnosis, Andrea founded a charity for people living with ADHD. She was prompted to seek help after recognising symptoms in her son and received a diagnosis ADHD aged 34.

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Amber Pessoa

Amber is a 24-year-old from London. She graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters in Natural Sciences in 2021. Amber was diagnosed with ADHD in November 2021 aged 23, after recognising the symptoms in herself when reading experiences of other women on social media. This gave her the courage to seek a diagnosis through the Right to Choose Scheme.

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Azryah Harvey

Azryah Harvey is an anti-racism consultant, public speaker, writer, and content creator. She is 31 years old and based in London. Azryah was diagnosed with ADHD aged 30 after suspecting she was living with the condition for a few years. While apprehensive about securing the diagnosis, Azryah felt validated when she received an ADHD diagnosis as it explained many of the challenges she had been experiencing.

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Clare McAleese

Clare is from West Yorkshire and works in financial services where she is an ambassador for Neurodiversity in the workplace and partners with the ADHD Foundation. She supported her son through his diagnosis which led to her recognising the signs, and was diagnosed aged 52. She is now an advocate for women with ADHD, particularly those like herself, finding out in later life.

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Jannine Perryman

Jannine, founder of ADHD Wise, is a mum of three from Northamptonshire. Jannine advises women to find coping mechanisms and make friends with their ADHD. She was diagnosed with ADHD aged 41. Two of Jannine’s children live with ADHD, but she only began to relate her childhood experiences to the condition when prompted by a co-worker.

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Jen Rossiter

Jen is 53 years old, a working mother and business owner. Jen lives with her partner in Sunninghill with Fifi the dog and Callie the three-legged cat. She is a leadership coach, author, and public speaker with a newfound freedom to lead her life her way and enjoying the superpowers of her ADHD brain. She was diagnosed with ADHD in 2020 aged 51.

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Jenny Mclaughlin

Jenny is 45 years old and lives in the south of England with her two kids and husband. Before her diagnosis Jenny developed coping mechanisms to hide her ADHD, resulting in a misdiagnosis of depression in her teens. Jenny’s journey with ADHD started when her son was experiencing symptoms. She started to recognise the symptoms in herself and was prompted to seek a diagnosis aged 43.

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Kim To

Kim is British Vietnamese and was born and raised in East London. She works across a range of professional industries, as well as being an ADHD Coach. The COVID-19 pandemic made Kim realise the coping strategies she’d put in place for her undiagnosed ADHD were keeping the signs subdued and no longer effective for her to be mentally healthy. She received a diagnosis via the Right to Choose Scheme in December 2020, aged 26.

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Sally Walker

Sally is a mother of one with another baby on the way, and lives with her boyfriend. She is 36 years old and works in event planning and catering. Sally became very good at hiding what she thought was ADHD early on. She joined online groups and support networks to find out more about ADHD which helped her to speak with her doctor about the condition later in life. Sally received her ADHD diagnosis aged 35.

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Sam Hiew

Sam is from Malaysia and currently lives in London. She found solace in the ADHD community, and this led her to seek a diagnosis in March 2021, aged 40. Inspired by her diagnosis and seeing the importance of creating a community, she founded ADHD Girls to support girls and women with ADHD with their journey.

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Tshelane Reid

Tshelane is a 26-year-old non-binary person from East London. After studying fashion at university, they spent 4 years in the media & communications industry and are now pursuing a career in filmmaking, with a short film on the horizon. Tshelane was diagnosed with ADHD aged 25 after seeing several tweets about ADHD online. Tshelane believes that, while a diagnosis can be scary, it can also be extremely validating.

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